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[Relax Mask
  • Every day we are overloaded by external stimuli, by a general flood of information and the continuous pressure of self-optimization. This are causing stress and discomfort, often the affected person realizes this too late. How can one escape from all this? And what happens when machines know better than I do, when I am overwhelmed? Can a machine protect us from ourselves? And how does it feel when a machine patronizes us. We are actually already influenced and controlled by apps and the media through opinions and advice, but at the moment it is still our decision to follow them and we might escape. What would it be like if we carry the chip that controls us inside us?

  • Intention

    My intention was to find a positive narrative, the mask should actually give us more protection. As soon as the pulse is in a too high range, the mask is activated and slides over the face as protection. The user thus has a time-out, a breath or a physical sign that shows the other person that he or she has exceeded his or her limits. The wearer can can calm down and find protection like a turtle in its shell. The mask not only calms the wearer, but also emits an odorless relaxing scent to the environment.
    It was not my intention to design a functional product, but a product that could be possible and that could sensitize the user. Can a machine protect us better than we protect ourselves? The mask is more of a symptom control than real solution. For me, the question arises: is this a desirable future, an environment where this breathlessness and speed characterize our system, an environment that we almost can not escape. Would it not be more desirable to have a future in which we optimise environmental problems rather than optimising ourselves?


Future Wearables
Briefing: Use of Arduino, Sensors and create a wearable.
It can be a functional or critical Design project.
General Topic: Sustainability


4th Semester Digital Ideation, 8 weeks


Arduino, Sensors, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Mural


distance learning due to covid 19

Bild Prozess Future Wearbles
Bild Prozess Future Wearbles


Prototyping: try out various techniques
Larger surfaces: with plastic for draft 2
Put together triangles from used packaging. Very fragile, uneven surface, difficult to move it with servo motor.

Bild Prozess Future Wearbles


reuse of material
Wooden gift basket

Bild Final Prototyp Future Wearbles


Servo Moto on each side, Arduino board, Puls Sensor


Unfortunately the pulse sensor goes by leaps and bounds from 70 to 270 in a very short time.

The cube von Aqara is a tool to make exercise in front of the TV. The main target group is elderly people but it is for anybody you needs to be motivated to do sport.


Physical activity is the number one contributor to longevity, adding extra years to your life. Elderly people tend to lose the motivation to stay active.


Seamless integration of a workout in the daily routine with the help of state of the art technology.


We help elderly people overcome obstacles to getting active by reminding them at a suitable moment to participate in a small workout.


Emerging Technologies
Topic: Smart Home
Briefing: Use the given Sensor Aqara Cube
and create concept for a Smart Home


4th Semester Digital Ideation, 2 weeks


Raspberry PI, Sensors, After Effects, Cinema 4D


_ Teamwork 4 Pers.
My part was Ideation, research, design, drawing, Video

_ distance learning due to covid 19

Bild Analysis Future Wearbles


Based on the study of Digital Seniors Pro Senectue 2015 , Personas and a short interview with a senior from our neighbourhood, we have tried to set up different concepts.

The following board shows the final concept that has emerged from our research work.