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  • The aim of the mentorship was to strengthen my graphic skills. I decided on the format of a poster, as the technical aspect is more in the background and I could concentrate on the graphic components such as text, motif and layout. The focus was to try different techniques 3-D as well as 2-D and one aspect of the poster could be animated by After Effects to add a digital value. Through the diverse designs of the posters, different music styles as well as target groups are covered. For Silent Parties, it is possible to choose between different DJs or even music styles.

  • I followed many designs with different approaches and came up with four directions. A more abstract direction with music waves and drops shape that appeals to a more design-sensitive and upscale party audience in the direction of electro pop house. The faces version, which appeals to a younger audience with Roch-Hardrock music, is derived from an initial retro poster. The headphones cover the range of pop, radio and commercial music for a wide audience. The electronic direction was inspired by 90s trance-techno music and shows a colourful to cleaner version for different age groups. There is no end product in this project, but experimenting, trying out different design directions and strengths of my skills was the focus.
Verschiendene Poster


Mentorat, no lectures, only Meetings with Mentor
Briefing: Typographie and Composition


5th Semester Digital Ideation, a Semester


Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D


distance learning due to covid 19

Animation Poster Silent Party